InfuseTech Inc.boosts your product/process development along with your bottom line!

Why InfuseTech Inc.?


Deal with experts who have lived, ate and breathed SR&ED each for over a decade and who understand the unique needs, time value, and technology of your company.  Experts who are hands on and involved in the process from beginning to end—no more ‘training the trainer’ and changing faces year to year.


Find out how smooth a filing can progress when technical and financial efforts are ‘fused together’ to the benefit of predictable and lucrative outcomes that are unique to our approach.


We identify and capture the comprehensive spectrum of activity qualifying for funding that occurs on a day to day basis to ensure opportunities are fully realized - a premier level of service that stands in a category of its own.

We believe in establishing long-term working relationships— whether within our comprehensive service or working with one of our service partners (i.e. accounting firms) who only want the best for their clientele.

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What We Offer

Effective  leadership, management, and limitless drive to deliver complete SR&ED/grant funding returns from project identification through applicable review activity up until the funding is received.

Currently have a file under review or poor outcomes in past claims?  We specialize in recovering distressed files within the CRA review process as well as reintroducing consistency and predictability within the claiming process.  

All services are backed by a no-risk contingency based fee model that is tailored to your company interests.

 Testimonials/Case Studies

"Identified overlooked on-floor SR&ED eligible activities overlooked in previous years and audits to the benefit of significant increase in funding received." -- Recreational Product Developer/Manufacturer, Ontario

"The value of cross trained - financial & technical - significantly reduced the internal burden of preparing and supporting our claim" -- Tooling Manufacturer, Ontario

SR&ED / OITC - What is it?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) similarly supported by the provincial government(s) offer one of the most lucrative incentive based tax credits available to businesses operating in Canada - the Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit program (SR&ED).

The program is designed to encourage companies to pursue new or improved products/processes across nearly all industries in Canada.  As projects often occur on a day to day basis, often crossing fiscal periods (on which the program is based) - the funding is calculated based on expenditures incurred within reporting periods and is not 'success based'. 

For fiscal 2014 forwards - rates of return are currently 35% for CCPC (Canadian controlled private corporations), 15% for public and 'others', with substantial additional incentive bonus' applied to labour wages claimed.

Application process is critical and most companies benefit from specialized expertise with respect to interpreting 'broad' CRA eligibility guidelines (both technical and financial), developing documentation systems to support claim, and representing claim during potential CRA review. 

We have decades of industry experience and deliver comprehensive assistance with long-term relationships in mind - contact us to discuss our risk-free service offerings and see how we can 'infuse' your bottom line with valuable funding and technical program expertise.

GRANTS - Money to Grow

Numerous grant opportunities exist that deliver funding with particular interest in activities that will increase export activity, increase employment or employee skills, as well as future capital expenditures that are linked to growth in technology base.

Contact us to discuss how we might accelerate and streamline the application process for programs such as:

  • Southwestern Ontario Development Fund

  • CME Smart

  • EMA - Export Market Access Program

  • IRAP - Industrial Research Assistance Program

  • Automotive Supplier Innovation Program (AISP)

Many more grants exist with particular emphasis on increasing exports, employment or capital purchases.  Let us help you link up and take advantage of these valuable opportunities.

Last Update: March 25, 2021